a. The Nexus Between Piracy And Terrorism In Nigeria And The Gulf Of Guinea In Focus
b.What Is Being Done To Promote Coordination In Nigerian Maritime Industry In Combating Piracy And other maritime crimes
c. Responding To Vessels In Distress In The Gulf Of Guinea (GOG):Updates On Intergovernmental & Regional Efforts:The Africa's Integrated Maritime Strategy (2050 AIMS Strategy In Focus).
d. Challenges Of Safe Marine Transportation In Inland Waterways: The Role Of The Police.
e. Contemporary Anti - Piracy measure: The BMP in focus.

WHO Should attend the program

This special creative workshop is targeted at the Maritime Industry which includes

a) Nigerian Shippers' Council


c) Terminal & IndigenousOperators

d) Maritime Security officers

e) Nigerian Ports Authority

f) Multinational Oil Companies

g) Security Advisers

h) Maritime Security companies in Nigeria

i) Maritime Institutions