a. Special Focus – The challenges of protecting Maritime Assets (Ports, Jetties, Vessels, etc.) in Nigeria
b. Assessing steps being taken by NPA’s security to tackle emerging security threats on ports facilities (GM Security NPA)
c. What the DA (NIMASA) is doing to promote coordination between stakeholders in ensuring compliance with the ISPS code.
d. Reviewing the ISPS Code as a potential anti – terrorist measures (PFSA and PFSP as a practical measure)
e. Outlining where and how your facilities can be most vulnerable: ENL as case study.
f. Response to emerging maritime security threats: Regional and National perspectives / Updates.
g. Building local Intelligence assets and personnel for your facility (By department of SSS)
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The objectives of the workshop are as follows
a. To synergize on Intelligence gathering and information sharing.
b. Enhance participant knowledge of Improvise Explosive Device (IED): types, make and  Identification.
c. Understanding and Implementing counter – terrorist plan and profiling for your facility.
d. Enable participants through Syndicate group work fashioned out emergency response measure and the need to have a coordinated regular exercises
e. Identify and map out potential security threats sources.

VENUE: Conference Hall, Eko Hotel & Suitel, Lagos.
TIME: 9:30am – 4:30pm daily