Our Services

Diddan & Associates Consulting Nigeria Limited is a Federal Government-licensed RSO that carries out On-Scene Security Survey and Assessment for Port facilities and ships with a view to producing viable Port Facility/Ships Security Plan in order to ensure regulatory compliance.

Diddan and Associates equally consult for shipping companies, Port Facility owners, and the Maritime industry in general.

Diddan and Associates Consulting Nigeria Limited acts as adviser to Shipping Companies, Maritime Agencies, Operators, and a new entrance into the Maritime industry in the areas of Maritime security operations, Investment Opportunities in the Maritime domain, Regulatory Compliance, and Registration with Designated Authority and other relevant Agencies.


Diddan and Associates Consulting Nigeria Limited regularly conducts maritime safety and security research on emerging issues that affect the industry towards aiding decision-making for clients operating in the maritime industry. Through follow-up on security threats and happenings in the maritime sector worldwide, we disseminate information to relevant stakeholders and clients on request.


Reputable maritime support consultancy services through manning and crewing, security boat services, and port facility security agents, liaison with relevant government security agencies to ensure the Nigerian waterway is safe at all times.

Conduct on scene-security survey and risk assessment to forestall security breaches, prevent vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and threat and recommend counter-measure to both facilities and ship operators.